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Writing classes  Grades 6 – 8. Taught by Phil Schroeder, these classes are for students interested in creating new worlds in songs or on the stage. They'll be fun but challenging, requiring a fair amount of homework and collaboration with others.

The box below contains important program information outlining our policies and procedures – stuff we believe is essential to read before registering. At registration, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to this information. 




Playwriting  We'll study the techniques of playwriting and storytelling, including the hero, the journey, the villain, conflict, and events that lead to an exciting conclusion. We will write and perform a 3-4 scene play for a November showcase. This class involves 2 – 3 hours of writing exercises each week as we build our play, some of it collaborative.

Registration fee: $225


Songwriting  We'll study American popular music dating back to the Beatles and up to the present era, touching on many different genres. We'll also talk about the ways songs are structured and teach the kids to hear music in new ways. The primary focus will be on writing lyrics and we'll explore the kinds of musical accompaniment that will support them. There will be weekly writing assignments (lyrics) and students are expected to do them. No previous experience or musical proficiency required, but a great choice for a student who plays an instrument and wants to expand on it. Songwriting class is offered on Mondays from Sept 13 through November 1, from 2:40 – 4:30pm (15 minutes longer than other classes).


Registration fee: $225

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