Covid Information

Nov 1, 2021: Pierce School Musical follows the same protocols used by the school. The DESE and district permit us to run performing arts programs indoors in masks. We are hopeful that children getting vaccinated will permit us to eventually perform out of masks and we strongly encourage all children to be vaccinated.

The district has different rules for after-school programs regarding its "test to stay" protocols. In short, they're not available to your child if they are found to be a close contact in an after-school program. Your close-contact child would be subject to quarantine of up to ten days. We take all the precautions that the school takes, including masks worn indoors, distancing and more. 

We are unable to guarantee that we will be able to perform our musicals in front of an audience, but will continually monitor the situation. The decision to allow us to perform rests with the principal and school district. As of November 1, we are able to perform for an audience of about 25 people, each sitting six feet apart and masked. This may improve, it may not, but as long as we can hold rehearsals and offer a quality experience for children, we will. 

When we can invite an audience in, priority tickets will go to parents of our enrolled kids. We may allow a small number of parents to watch dress rehearsals so as to increase the number of overall audience members. We will also video record dress rehearsals in hopes of never again being left without a record of the kids' work.

If our program is cut short because of a shutdown, we will assess the situation at that time and communicate clearly with our families. If we do not believe we can complete a program in this school year, we will issue pro-rated refunds to the extent possible.

The Boston Theatre Consortium requires all audience members to be vaccinated and show proof of vaccination upon entering a theatre. For the safety of our children and teachers, we ask that all audience members be vaccinated as well.