Memories Start Here

Our Children's Chorus is the portal of entry to the Pierce School Musical program. We've heard parents say, "My child has been looking forward to this since kindergarten," and its true. Year in and year out, this is one of the best parts of our jobs, just watching what these kiddos are able to do and how much they love the process.

Thanks to an improving Covid landscape, and with Principal Yadoff's permission, we are able to offer chorus this year to a maximum of 40 children. This will mean that 20 children may be on choral risers together in May, for dress rehearsals and shows. We believe we can do this responsibly and safely, always with ears to the ground and a healthy dose of input from our parent Covid team and the administration. 


This and the entire program – including dates and times – are discussed in the document you'll find by clicking the big red box below. This is important information that spells out our entire program, our expectations for the kids, you and us. We encourage you to read it and look forward to having your child in the program.