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This document is what is referred to in the registration as "Terms of Registration." These aren't terms, exactly, but all the information that I want you to know as we wade into this together. As always, it's a lot of info but most of it applies to everyone. Your "agreement" at registration means you've read and understand the following. If you have concerns, of course, please let me know. 

We are now at the point where I need your registrations for the show. The link is on the website. Please have a good look at this and join us by registering. Thanks!


Welcome, and thank you for returning to finish The Dreadful Dragon of Dartmouth. I am joined in producing this show by Marissa Heller-Treistman, who has been a huge source of support. We are working hard to forge a way to get this musical finished amidst a lot of uncertainty, a loss of many of our previous cast members, and competing activities. We've tried to preserve  roles from before but this is difficult, and some will experience changes. But until we are certain who's returning and that everyone can accept their cast/day assignments, we won't have casting finished.

Click here to see cast/day assignments, as of November 10.

We will have three casts, easier for now to call them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The list of casts/days corresponds with the information we received from parents about availability. Please look at it carefully and make sure we have it right.

There are currently two spots open in the Friday cast. If anyone from Monday and Wednesday wants to volunteer for Friday, please let me know. 

Because we have about 10 kids who hope to play Pierce basketball, we have decided to push the shows a week later to March 18 and 19. The basketball playoffs during the week of March 7 introduce such unpredictability that we can't possibly have dress rehearsals with 100% attendance. 

Students who have told us that they plan to play basketball are scheduled as follows: boys are in our Monday cast only and girls are in our Friday cast only, as basketball prevents you from being in the other casts. If you do not make the team, we can add you to ensemble numbers on days you can attend; we can't necessarily offer you a role on your newly available days.

The rehearsal schedule is on the website at Despite my Monday, Wednesday, Friday concept, there are many exceptions for all the usual reasons: December is different than January, there are holidays, space issues, etc. Please review the schedule on the website.


Actors will meet in the cafeteria after school for a quick snack. We will no longer provide snacks. Because of many kids' specific dietary requirements, we've decided we need to leave the nutrition of your kids to you.

I will publish a rehearsal schedule each week and there will be times when actors may leave early. There will not be days when we don't need them; I will make sure to maximize everyone's time and honor their commitment by being ready to put them to work. 

Students should report immediately for check-in and should NOT leave campus for Starbucks, Walgreens, CVS, etc. We do not check students out at the end of class, they are free to leave campus as they would at any other time.


Please get your kids vaccinated! This is our single best way out of this mess. We understand the importance of keeping the kids safe and will stage the show with no close contact. Actors will be masked. No one will sing into another's face, even masked. We don't want to put anyone at risk or lose any actors.

The district has different rules for after-school programs regarding its "test to stay" protocols. In short, they're not available to your child if they are found to be a close contact in an after-school program. Your close-contact child would be subject to quarantine of up to ten days. We take all the precautions that the school takes, including masks worn indoors, distancing and more. We do not direct kids to touch each other as part of their acting and there is no loud shouting or singing in proximity to others. 


Behavior and discipline: With these kids, we don't anticipate any behavioral issues. However, if they happen, the first response is to pull the student aside for reminders and redirection. The second response will be to remove the student from the room for a "time out." If the situation warrants, the director will dismiss the child immediately and contact the parent to discuss the situation. We have a zero-tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse that violates anyone's safety; should those occur, your child may be asked to leave the program and a refund will not be offered. Any extreme behavior will be reported to the Pierce Vice Principals. 

Medical issues: We receive no information from the school about your child's health. You'll be asked at registration to disclose any medical or non-medical issues that may impact your child's participation as well as your instructions for treatment, if any. It is crucial that you provide us with any relevant information so that we can make appropriate decisions for your child's care. Any disclosures and instructions will be shared with cast supervisor(s) and instructors so that we can recognize a problem before it escalates and respond according to your instructions.


Our emergency response protocols are as follows: 

• In the event of a real medical emergency, our first response is to call 911, then the parent. 

• In the event of a minor emergency (stomachache, onset of illness), we'll contact the parent and/or send the child home. 

Non-medical considerations: If your child has a special circumstance such as ADHD, which needs more attention than is typically offered in this setting, please notify us in advance and we’ll work with you to create a plan for successful participation. 



Pierce School Musical is a PTO program taught by paid, non-parent instructors who are qualified to teach drama, visual arts, and work with children. Because we make a financial commitment to them, we cannot extend refunds after the start of rehearsals, January 2, 2022. 

The registration fee for the musical is $325. We are budgeting for a "zero ticket sales" revenue model because there is no assurance that we can have performances of a predictable size. The registration fees will cover directors, technical personnel, assistants, printing, materials and more. 

If we are unable to continue offering the musical because of state or school district restrictions around Covid-19 or similar, we will wait two weeks before deciding to discontinue the program. If discontinued, we will process pro-rata refunds to all families. 

Fees are collected via credit card at time of registration. If you prefer to pay by check, need scholarship support or structured payments, please contact Phil at

Pierce School Musical/PTO offers these programs to any child who requires financial support on a "no questions asked" basis. We want your kids, regardless of your ability to pay.

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