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Pierce Performs!

Virtual Variety Show

YouTube Premiere: May 6, 7:00pm

Pierce Performs is back in 2022! It will stream via YouTube for everyone to view on Friday night, May 6 at 7:00pm. Participants must register by April 29th, and record their acts & submit videos by May 1 to be included. We have room for only 25 acts total, so if you want in, now's the time!

Open Mic Night: Text
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Read all about it!

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Register your act by April 29!

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Upload video to link below by May 1.

Questions? Contact Begona Ruiz Perez.

Open Mic Night: Get Involved

See the pdf (linked) for the full list of instructions. It's not hard but there are important things to know.

After you've read the instructions, please register at the link below. Registration must be completed for any participant, solo or in a group, by an adult, as it involves legal consent for the use of video. The last day for registration is

April 29, so hurry!

When your video is complete, upload it to the Google Drive Folder linked below. Please name your video with the last name of the performer or group leader. If you are sending separate videos for editing by us, please

contact Phil Schroeder.

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