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Nickelodeon auditions

Current to June 2

Nick is holding auditions for "performers who can play ages 11-15," and why not give it a try? There are three scripts to memorize and video record, submission instructions and more. Note that it requires a parent sign the child up for an account with a talent firm, and appears to be free or paid depending on your interests. If you're interested in help preparing this audition, we recommend a prep session with Cami, Jamey or Alyssa (paid sessions).

Walking on Sunshine DIY Dance Videos!

April 25, 2020

We've got a cool video, sing and dance project for your kids! Group-up and make a cool, choreographed video to the song "Walking on Sunshine," with a dance lesson by Abigail Ripin. This project will roll out on Monday, April 27.

Opens Monday
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